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I guess you are here because you believe in the promise of the internet and the power of social media marketing. Today's internet presents YOU with a tremendous opportunity to develop your business and establish some great relationships with a wide and varied audience.

If you are a small business you are likely to have some interesting and relevant things to say to the world, but you can no longer afford to just sit and wait for the world to come to you. This is possibly where I can help you.

Generally speaking, search engine optimisation & social media management is not that difficult or expensive, but it can be time consuming and everyone places a different value on their time - often dictated by overheads, availability, lifestyle, finances etc. My time is very different Read more about me 

The process & application of SEO is not complicated, and there are no specials skills or science required. If you want free SEO, Google's webmaster tools explains the basics for you and even tells you what's required to get included in their index. So no need to look for SEO secrets because they doesn't exist (despite what some companies might tell you).

"If its that easy, can I 'Do It Myself'?
Indeed you can. You will soon discover if you have a natural flair or not. You may find all you need is a little guidance, inspiration or mentoring, which I would gladly provide by loaning you my ebook 'Beginners DIY Guide to SEO'.

If you want to get the job done quickly and professionally, I'd be happy to discus the options with you and even try to match your monthly budget - a bit like a 'pay as you go SEO'.


Client Comments

"Thanks for the fab SEO results on my website"  - Nick
"10,000 unique hits per day now" - Ray
"435 keywords in Google in 6 weeks - brilliant" - Trevor
"SEO one day, the first page on Google the next" - Graham
"We knocked out our biggest competitor in a week" - Alex
"Can you do your magic on our other 9 websites too" - Ian
"How did you do that so quickly, we have tried for 2 years" - Marie



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Thank you for the fab SEO on my website. It's already making a huge difference in 2 days.
Plus I could only afford a donkey ride and you gave me a race horse experience.